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> Multi-Slot Equipment Script, by Guillaume777
 Posted: May 2 2008, 02:40 AM
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Multi-Slot Equipment Script
Version: 6.2.2
by Guillaume777
(February 14, 2006)
not DerVVulfman

Do you want :
To equip more than one weapon ?
To attack once with each weapon you have equiped ?
To equip new armor types beyond shield, helmet, armor and amulet ?
To equip 2 handed weapons, which either take your shield or weapon slot ?
To customize your slots and slot name so no character is alike ?

If so then I highly suggest you try my multi-equipment script. It is very powerful and adds a lot of features to the equipment screen. Download my demo for quick try biggrin.gif

The Multi-Slot script has gone through a number of changes since it's original incarnation. The inclusion of cursed weapons... RTAB compatability... SKD 1.3 compatability (possibly still?)... multiple strike weapons.

Here, you will find what is possibly the last version of Guillaume777's great work.

  • Can go beyond the default five equipment slots
  • Can wield multiple weapons (demo shows 4 weapon slots possible!)
  • Can add 'Cursed' (unremovable) armors and weapons
  • Can make two-handed weapons
  • Can make weapons that deliver multiple strikes
  • Can set up off-hand weapon values
  • Can rename your equipment slots to your choosing
  • Can display the enhanced list in your Status window
  • Can show 1 more actor parameter (evade), assuming you've created it already

user posted image
Well, a pic of Gloria's equipment going BEYOND the normal 5 items.

You got one right HERE!

This script has been formatted to more-closely match the standard formatting of RGSS scripts in RPGMaker XP. At no point has any of Guillaume777's functions been removed.

NOTE: The EVADE switch in the configuration section assumes that you've created an additional parameter (strength/dexterity/etc) which you want to have displayed in the status window. If you have not created this additional parameter yourself, or are not using a script that adds an 8th parameter, then turning this switch to 'true' will give you an error.

Multi-Slot (Section 1: Modules)
Multi-Slot (Section 2: Actor)
Multi-Slot (Section 3: Windows)
Multi-Slot (Section 4: Other)

So many features, so little time. It IS pretty much plug 'n' play. To use, paste it just above main (like normal). When using with the RTAB system, paste it just below RTAB (and any Cogwheel script with it).

Features such as multi-hit weapons, or double-attacking weapons can be created by tagging it with a so-named element (made in your Database's System page), entering it's .id values in their hashes in the script, or entering strings like '(2handed)' in their names.

Cursed weapons, cursed armors and off-hand weapons can be made by entering strings like (cursed) or the like into their names or adding their .id numbers in their hash values too.

Other features like these are all explained in the script (thank god ':| ), cause I didn't make it... I just use it biggrin.gif.

While I posted this topic at RMXP.Org in September '06... I didn't expect to hear from Guillaume777 himself since his sabatical after went down. I received the followup 6.2.2 directly from him on May 19, '07. Now THAT is an honor. I expect this to BE the final version and do not expect it to be updated.

It may be incompatible with scripts that has anything to do with the actor's equipment (weapon modifications, window edits, etc.). It was designed for use with the default battle, default menu system and apparently the RTAB system in mind.

If used with the Animated Battlers script, it's advised to use battle-system add-ons like Connected Attacking (for RTAB) or Multi-Attack (by Trickster) to perform multiple strikes with a weapon or skill. Using this system's multiple-attacking system 'does' work, but appears strange in that the heroes run to attack... strike... retreat... run to attack (again)... strike... retreat... rinse and repeat. Kinda awkward looking.

There is (as far as I know) only one topic for a Guillaume777-based shop script. I made it guys... If you are the owner of a shop, please add your support. wink.gif

Credits and Thanks
Obvious credits goes to Guillaume777 for creating this script, and his eMailing me his newest version. Additional credits goes to Cygnea of RMXP.Org for saving a previous 'fixed' version from before it went down (which also spawned my interest and Guillaume777's eMail).

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